Furmeet Events

This is a side-project from a full-time coder who, in the spare time, helps (with no charge) conventions to leverage their success.

The primary goal of this is allowing conventions to have thir brand in a mobile app they will be able to call theirs.

This project allows growing conventions that receive attendees whose primary language isn't the main convention language to read the schedule in their native language inside a lightweight app that also works even when offline.

Privacy Policy

No personal data is collected.

Why is this page so... basic?

I'm lazy and won't waste time in a page no one will see.

I'm a convention goer. Why am I seeing this?

You either followed a broken link or are trying to see how the backend works. If the latter is true, have you already offered yourself as a volunteer?


Free as in freedom; GPLv3. Host it yourself.

Do my convention really need this?

In my view, it depends on your IT maturity.

Low/none IT maturity

In a very primitive IT maturity state, you open a Google Sheets named “XYZ Schedule 20xx” and share the link with the attendees. All payments were manually-approved.

A convention app isn't desirable in this state. Your time and effort is needed elsewhere.

Low-to-medium IT maturity

In an intermediary IT maturity state, you have a CMS-powered website (like Word Press) and a payment gateway (like WooCommerce plugins) arranged in a way you can have a professional-looking website while not having a dedicated IT department for making a lighter and scalable backend for it.

A convention app is desirable at this state, this project allows fancy stuff like totems and fully-branded apps without fully-resolving the backend. This set of solutions might be able to help you while you don't sort your backend out.

Medium-and-growing IT maturity

In an advancing IT maturity state, the landing page pamphlet-website is segregated from the one that deals payments and everything was made to scale under load, you have a website written from the ground-up, a CSR website and a NextJS fallback SSR engine with important information properly cached. In other words, Kubernetes and CI/CD pipelines are your reality in the IT department.

If you don't have an app, you might have already paid for one; the Android App might give you a boost on what structures need to be built, but this segregated backend of mine can be a step backwards.

The solution

Block diagram

There is a block diagram that connects the items from the section below

Source code